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The first King Cobra Symposium was recently held in Veenendaal, Netherlands and featured a fantastic assembly of enthusiasts, scientists and specialists from around the globe. The symposium focused on the King Cobra, his environment and broadening education and awareness. Field biologists from India, Thailand and Borneo presented several talks of their ground breaking studies. Some of the talks centered on radio tracking wild king cobras and unlocking some of their secrets. World renown biologists, writers, television presenters and toxicologists also contributed to the program.

The KCC would like to thank the Herpetofauna Foundation, Edu-Pet and Rogier van Rossem, the cast of volunteers and of course the sponsors for the above and beyond organization.  Extraordinary!

In total, 19 countries were represented at the historic first meeting of its kind!

The KCC will be offering a membership program to keep the momentum going.  Specific projects will be voted by our board to be funded with the help of you and others that have yet to be enlightened by the King Cobra. 

The support around the world for The King and his Kingdom is exciting and stimulating. Sharing something so unique as the King Cobra places snakes in a whole new realm for others not educated in the field. 


"To change fear into fascination instills intrigue”

Clarita Haast 


We need your help to pique curiosity around the world!

Rogier van Rossem

Colin Strine

Rom Whitaker

Joe Wasilewski

Bryan G Fry

Mark O'Shea

Matt Goode

Colin Strine

Rom Whitaker

Mohamed Silmi

Mark O'Shea

Mark O'Shea  Rom Whitaker

Matt Goode

Naia Hannah  Joe Wasilewski

Bryan Fry Rom Whitaker  Gowri Shankar

Rom Whitaker  Jory van Thiel

Bryan Fry Rom Whitaker

Naia Hannah Rom Whitaker

Ajay  Giri  Colin Strine

Chang  Gowri  Shankar Choti Singh

Matt Goode  Ajay Giri 

Matt Goode  Mark O'Shea  Naia Hannah

Ajay Giri  Journalist  Joe Wasilewski

Rom Whitaker Joe Wasilewski Cameron Hodges 

Gowri Shankar               Bartosz Nadolski   Joe Wasilewski  Cameron Hodges   Muhammad Slimi

Joe Wasilewski  Rom Whitaker  Matt Goode          Dhiraj Bhaisare  Mark O'Shea  Ajay Giri

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