The KCC is very excited to be involved with King Cobra research in Borneo (Kalimantan, Indonesia). As you know, Rom Whitaker and Dr. Matt Goode began studying King Cobras in India in 2007, when they implanted the first-ever radio transmitters into this iconic species anywhere in the world, and the first snake of any kind in India. The work in India led to the first publications on King Cobra ecology based on intensive fieldwork. In 2013, Dr. Goode recruited Dr. Colin Strine to start up a King Cobra project in Thailand, which has proven to be a huge success, resulting in several publications based on larger sample sizes of radio tracked individuals. In 2015, Rom and Matt were invited to expand their research to Indonesian Borneo in the province of Central Kalimantan, specifically to study the response of King Cobras to oil palm. Given the massive impacts that oil palm agriculture is having on biodiversity, especially in Southeast Asia, they naturally jumped at the opportunity to conduct research in Kalimantan.

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