Agumbe Rainforest Research Station


Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS) is a permanent field station of the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, located on a 4.5 acre site, in the middle of Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary and Agumbe Reserve Forest; approximately 1.5 km from Agumbe village, in Shimoga District of Karnataka. ARRS was founded by renowned herpetologist Romulus Whitaker in 2005, with the financial support of the late Doris Norden Chattopadhyaya and the Whitley Fund for Nature with the long term mission to study and conserve rainforests through applied ecological research, outreach programs and partnerships. ARRS employs a staff of 10. The administration and research team comprises of 4 people, while there are 6 employees from the local community.


Ajay Giri rescues and relocates King

Ajay and Allwin checking the chip in the

Ajay and Allwin monitoring a King 


The rescue team works with the locals and engages them in awareness programs.


A King Cobra nest was found very near a house with an understanding family who assisted in monitoring.  The daughter, who is a zoology student, takes temperatures daily.

"Kumar, who wears many hats, is seen here as a king cobra tracker"


 This photo is of Kumar, our base manager and an ace king cobra rescuer. When there is a staff or volunteer shortage, he pitches in for  tracking king cobras.   

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West Bengal India

 The people of West Bengal worship the cobra as incarnations of a goddess called Jhankleshwari 

Villagers watch us photographing a cobra
The snake goddess Jhankeswari.JPG
Ho hum, just another cobra ambling by..J
Monocled cobra swallows a toad in a vill
Kids watch a cobra swallowing a toad.JPG
Villager gently lifts a monocled cobra a