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It is with heavy hearts that the KCC salutes Heyward Clamp. 

Heyward was the kindest of men and a true southern gentleman. He spent a life time sharing his passion; a wonderful dedication to reptiles. 

There are many stories to share, and this one seems to say it all:

Once he and Rom Whitaker were tracking snakes in India. They saw several cobras and just so happened to cross paths with a King. As the beautiful snake was slowly gliding away from them, Heyward quietly and with reverence, said "I've climbed the highest mountain." 

For those who knew him, his smile will never be forgotten.

Heyward Clamp

1. Heyward says let's check this pile of palm leaves. The Irulas say there's no point, but Heyward persists...

2. ... and sure enough there are two cobras there. A snake hunter's sixth sense! Irula Kali looks a bit miffed

3. Heyward's first wild cobra

4. And then a real big Russell's viper. Sharon watches

5. A saw-scaled viper. Tiny but deadly

6. Vine snakes don't go for the eyes. But they'll grab your nose if you're not careful!

7. We found a real beautiful cobra at our field station in Agumbe. The prelude to the king cobra

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