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A majestic hooding from one of this years neonate king cobras. This individual is one of many hatchlings which resulted from a pair of our radio-tracked kings who mated successfully 2 years in a row! 

The King Cobra Report

Colin Thomas Strine:

“King cobras in Thailand are woefully persecuted. They are killed by government officials even though they are protected by Thai law. Often seen as the most dangerous Thai snake, there is a major disconnect between the reality of king cobra behaviors and the perceived threat to humans. Every single school group the Sakaerat Conservation and Snake Education Team has surveyed listed the king cobra as the most dangerous and likely to bite humans of all snakes in Thailand. This fear, and recognition can be shifted to respect. By showing real behaviors near humans, and by displaying the story of these fascinating animals we can make a difference. The key has been long term exposure to conservation team members focused exclusively on developing the relationship between humans and these fascinating animals. Sakaerat Conservation and Snake Education Team firmly believes that humans and king cobras can coexist without persecution, and thus our fundamental value is education.”

Here is one of our radio-tracked males OPHA029 who was deep in shed upon his most recent processing. Such an amazing snake!

Sakaerat Conservation 

Tracked and Documented by Max Jones

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