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Male KC M5 killing spectacled cobra_Akhi


Protect the King

Save the Kingdom

Photo:  Akhilesh Tambe ©


Dedicated to supporting ecological research and conservation initiatives aimed at determining the status of King Cobras in the wild and identifying threats and solutions for their future survival. We strive to develop a better understanding of the King Cobra's role within the tropical Asian landscape, as well as their importance in human culture and their impact on the lives of people.

Clarita Haast
Wild King Cobra Habitat

The King Cobra is an apex predator in tropical rainforest ecosystems.  Due to their need for large areas to accommodate their ecological needs, the King Cobra is  an effective flagship species. Protecting the habitats on which they depend, will ensure protection of a diverse array of other species, many of which are also threatened and endangered.

King Cobra research
         King Cobra 
Ophiophagus hannah

The King Cobra Conservancy is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by a group of dedicated herpetologists, conservationists and artists all of whom share a unique connection to Ophiophagus hannah.

With education and awareness supported by the KCC, local farmers and their families throughout the Western Ghats of India have learned to appreciate the value of wild King Cobras and their impact on the ecosystem. The Kings eat the deadly snakes that are responsible for so many deaths within the region. Their primary diet consists of Spectacled Cobras, Russell's Vipers, Kraits and Pit Vipers.

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