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KCC Field Notebook

Care and cleaning instructions are simple, saddle soap and leather oil once in a while will keep your note book supple and create it's personal character. Please note that each notebook cover is hand cut, every hole hand punched and carefully stitched. If for any reasion at any time your notebook needs repair just send it back and it will be quickly repaired or replaced. You will find that you won't want to be without it for long! 

KCC Field Notebook

  • When you purchace this item you will be donating all $300.00 directly to the KCC.  

    This is a custom hand crafted, tooled leather notebook case, made exclusively for the KCC by Naia Hannah Haast. Measuring approximately 5"x6" with two inside pockets. Including genuine Field Note Expedition insert or Basic Black insert. Closes securely with a black KCC pencil. All set to travel to the rainforest/jungle or just for your everyday use. 

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